Why a child erotica site?

This page intends to be a small censored archive where to show people what child erotica and child porn is, this archive will destroy most of the allegations that Governments and agencies living off the bulky anti child porn budget spread.

The media, politicians and bigots incite hatred against those who in the privacy of their homes wish to look at erotic artistic images of children, people are increasingly being persecuted not over what they do but what their thoughts are, conveniently for the Government looking at child porn is illegal and most people will never know what child porn is for real, assuming as accurate any lie they are told.

Veritably, hardcore child porn is very difficult to find, consisting of amateur footage rather than studio produced material. A great deal of people charged with child porn offenses had in their power mere cartoons (illegal in the UK, Sweden, Netherlands) or naked images of underage human beings with no sexual acts involved.

Naked preteen girl
Naked preteen girl in South America

Law enforcement will use the term child abuse images when someone is charged with illegal cartoon or artistic photos posession, the specifics of the case are often hidden from public view, in 2008 for example, an Australian man was convicted in court of "child explotation", because he had downloaded sex cartoons of Bart and Lisa Simpson, cartoons whose resemblance to the human form could not be any more discordant since the Simpons have yellow spikey hair and four fingers on the each hand.

The only reasonable answer to absurd child porn laws and Government misrepresentations is that jailing and controlling a sexual minority they hate, aka "pedos", is the sole purpose of bogus child porn charges.

Laws on child pornography

Since legislation changes from country to country it is hard to say what is legal and what not, this will be conditioned by where you live and social prejudices around you.

Not even softcore child erotica found easily on the Internet is safe to download without legal consequences, one example of borderline child erotica could be the non nude U-15 Junior gravure idols pictures and videos, while legal in Japan they might be considered illegal in the US and Europe.

12yo girl fully naked
12yo girl swimming naked in river

Even a picture of a little girl wearing a thong can get you in trouble in some countries, most of Anna Onishi photos from Imouto TV for example, could easily be illegal in the UK, this preteen girl normally poses for the camera wearing ultra thin thongs and it could be considered obscene by a judge full of preconceived notions, no matter how tasteful and artistic the photographs might be.

The rule of thumb on child erotica and child pornography, is that you should consider everything illegal until proven otherwise, by the time any misunderstaing has been cleared up suspect's lives will already have been destroyed.

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